1001+ Wacky, Daffy, Crazy One Liners and Definitions! - eBook

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1001+ Wacky, Daffy, Crazy One Liners and Definitions! - eBook

1001+ Wacky, Daffy, Crazy One Liners and Definitions!
by Thos Zettel

Experiencing crazy days or/and nights? Daffier than daffy friends and/or family members? Wacky events control your life and happen all too soon to you? ‘Furr-ga-about it!’ Friend and/or not foe… Pick up this book, then put it down, pick it up, down, up again and keep it up, because isn’t laughter the best medicine?

The title tells you what it’s about, but the author needs to bore you for about 1100 letters (half a $100 worth). Here we go, that’s three, now five, he means…

Really just open it up, stick your nose into it and read a few lines, then a few more, and a couple more, then more, and before you know it, you’ve read some for free (what’s for free now-a-days?). If you like it, buy it. If you don’t like it, buy it anyway (Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa is only XXX day’s away). Zettel had to burn up four dozen plus two words…that’s fifty right?

Listen, we all know that life can be tough or bizarre or I don’t know what?! It can also be pleasant and laid-back and it can be “I don’t want to know anything, except ‘Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha…’” fun and ‘funny-d-ness’ (trademarked word).

So pick it up, buy it, read it, and if you don’t dig-it, re-gift it. If you do, buy two or more for some friends and some not so ‘foettes’ (trademarked also!), then everybody can delight in a good (excellent!) chuckle-y until wacky, daffy, and crazy schedules and resume in life’s progression. Enjoy and dig-it!

(2017, eBook)