1/2 Life

1/2 Life
Item# 978-0-8059-9641-8

by Brandon Ford

The various situations illustrated in 1/2 Life are nostalgic tales that take place within the city limits of a small, southern, suburban town, but a few parts are a bit fabricated. The characters are actual people, but, of course, the names are changed to protect the innocent and keep the authorís butt out of court. The character of Ness mirrors the authorís personality. Enjoy the journey!


Iím probably starting to sound like an echo right about now, but I canít thank you enough for purchasing my work. Youíre awesome. But enough gushing. I wasnít even gonna do one of these things Ďcause when I read books, this part is the first thing I skip, so Iím counting on you to be like, ďDamn it. Not another one of these half-assed, about the author, waste of trees, piece of toilet paper between two covers.Ēí

OK. I love Frostees and ďThe SimpsonsĒ is the funniest show in the universe! The writers of that show are freakiní geniuses and if the need any guest voices on their show, holla at your boy! Anyway, Iím a firm believer in the TV dinner, not the home cooked meal.

Ummmm...Yeah, thatís all. Enjoy!

(2004, paperback, 136 pages)

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1/2 Life [E-book edition]
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