30 Days Worth and 60 Days Worth

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30 Days Worth and 60 Days Worth
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30 Days Worth and 60 Days Worth
by Ramona Scott

Life can become burdensome, stressful, and too serious at times. This book has been written to brighten a dreary day and provide a more positive perspective of life, people, and situations.

About the Author:

Ramona Scott has been able to encourage those around her since she was five and she had been writing encouraging thoughts since she was a teenager.

Ramona came from a family of ten. They lived on the poorest side of town throughout her childhood and young adult years. It was always necessary to look for the positive, even though there was so much negative to overcome on a daily basis. Ramona feels it is time to share her encouragement with a much broader audience, so she wrote this book.

(2015, Paperback, 98 pages)