5 Mummified Cats - eBook

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5 Mummified Cats - eBook

5 Mummified Cats from the Westside

By: Douglas Brewer

About the Book/Author

Douglas Brewer likes to drink. He likes to drink a lot. In fact some would call him “an alcoholic.” As a result, he doesn’t drink anymore. However, while he was drinking a lot, life was really fun – as it sometimes is when your head is buried in the sand with a Coors Light in your right hand with a shot of Jameson in your left. This book is about how a person can actually look back fondly on behavior that was ultimately very self-destructive, but entertaining when happening.

OK, enough about drinking. This book is a story about how Douglas experienced the fun, often sad and sometimes violent behavior of people from this part of town. Stoners, hipsters, man beards, and the occasional black demon squirrel. Mainly though, this book is about how mummified cats and drunken Westsiders mix more frequently than they should in conversations at the bar.

Yep, wrapped up dead cats and drunk people. That’s what you’re about to read about.



(2019, eBook)