A Beautiful Tragedy Volume I

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A Beautiful Tragedy Volume I

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A Beautiful Tragedy Volume I
by J.P. LaRue

A Beautiful Tragedy Volume 1 is a poetic journey into the emotions of the human heart. The author J.P. LaRue was seventeen when his life was turned upside down. Following his death as the result of a fatal asthma attack, he would awake from his deathbed coma into a very different world. With a second chance at life, he would overcome blindness and physical disability. The author displays his emotions, his strong spirit and memorys of profound loss in his latest book, A Beautiful Tragedy.

About the Author

J.P. LaRue grew up in the lake country of northern Minnesota. He now resides in the countryside amongst the wooded hills of south east Ohio. Over the years he has become an author, inventor, and poet. J.P. writes by using Morse code from a switch of his own design. For more information visit www.virtualmorse.com

(2010, hardcover, 86 pages)