A BREATH ON THE WINDOW or Brainstorming Pictures

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A BREATH ON THE WINDOW or Brainstorming Pictures
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A BREATH ON THE WINDOW or Brainstorming Pictures

Here is a bit of surrealist poetry of pain, separation, isolation, despair and threatening disaster, evoking an archetypal world, underlying the contemporary existence. Issued from such a terrible "everyday life," the author's "breath," ostentatiously projected on the cold window, artificially interposed between him and the rest of the world, by a totalitarian regime, this poem is the only testimony of his existence as a human being, forced to live in an empty crowd, and therefore determined to fight against the powers of darkness, in order to save his soul, unaltered yet, even if he has to use in his "fight for Blue," only half of his brain, that still lucid and creative one, the other half being almost dead, as a result of continuos indoctrination, threat and aggression. Despite the tragic tones of some verses, this poem, considered as a whole, is an optimistic one, expressing finally, the author's belief in the victory of humanitarian values of freedom and light. The originality of this poetry book consists also in his unique structure, its summary being conceived itself an independent poem highlighting to the reader from very beginning the titles and the essence of all the other poems.

About the Author

Romanian born, the author never knew his father, who after being caught by the Russian army during the battles of Iasi in August 1944, died very soon, like prisoner of war in a Russian camp. Brought up by his mother he experienced since an early age all the follow-ups of the Second World War: Russian occupation, poverty, and above all the systematic ideological indoctrination, imposed by the totalitarian regime installed in Romania after the war. Growing up and coming into a tacit conflict with the totalitarian power, he became subject of professional isolation, systematic threat and marginalization. To overcome these, he continued his resistance working in a modest technical position and sometime writing poems. The author, working now as an internationally recognized expert and professor of highway engineering, in Iasi, Romania, is married and has two children.

(2012, paperback, 40 pages)