A Child's Heart

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A Child's Heart

A Child’s Heart

By: Tori Woods, M.Ed.


About the Book

Do you wonder what it means to capture the heart of a child? Children are considered to be humble, trusting, receptive, and not very self-sufficient, meaning that they are dependent on others. Being

dependent also characterizes a person of faith, because you are trusting God. Through our childlike faith and trust, we shall receive the Kingdom of God as a gift of His Mercy and Grace. In A Child's Heart, Tori Woods, M.Ed. encourages us to capture the heart of a child, not only so that we can become like one, through certain aspects such as humility and innocence, but also so that we can cherish them and hold them close to us, just as Jesus does when He instructs His disciples (in Mark 10:13-16) to let the children come unto Him so that they could be blessed.


About the Author

Tori Woods, M.Ed. is an award-winning journalist and educator. Receiving both her journalism degree and Master's in Education from Texas A&M University-Commerce, Woods has won journalism awards from The National Federation of Press Women and Press Women of Texas. As a secondary English and journalism teacher for fifteen years, Woods has been inducted into the Who's Who Among America's High School Teachers and nominated for Teacher of the Year.


(2020, Paperback, 68 Pages)


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