A Chipmunk's Story

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A Chipmunk's Story

A Chipmunk’s Story

By: Ronnie Brunner


About the Book

John the chipmunk is all grown-up and ready to move out to live a life of his own. But John is also very lazy and finds a pipe for a home instead of digging himself a safe, cozy hole. When his food goes missing one day, he suspects someone stole his food! Will John find his missing food? Or will he find his laziness may have unforeseen consequences?


About the Author

Ronnie Brunner’s route to writing a book took a very wide path. Born in a family of coal miners, he spent thirty years coal mining before the mine shut down in 1999. He then went to school for a two-year degree where a writing class ignited his passion for writing stories. Brunner has spent a lifetime watching the chipmunks of the forest which inspired him to create A Chipmunk’s Story.


(2020, Paperback, 30 Pages)


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