A Clockwork Orange: The Continuance - eBook

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A Clockwork Orange: The Continuance - eBook

A Clockwork Orange: The Continuance

By: Sean Aramesh


About the Book

A likeable and colorful person, Alexander DeLarge is loved by many readers when A Clockwork Orange ends. But, what happens to Alex next?

A Clockwork Orange: The Continuance explores Alex’s life after recovering from his stay in the hospital. The mystery begins…


About the Author

Sean Aramesh was raised in Texas. He was always a happy-go-lucky kid. He hated being cooped up indoors. After his homework was complete, he enjoyed being outside and free. As an adult, he now lives in a beautiful home surrounded by a secret garden. He enjoys gardening, basketball, and skateboarding. A gifted musician, he also enjoys privately playing multiple instruments including the guitar, harmonica, and percussion as well as played and writing his own lyrics.

Aramesh has earned his degree in Phlembotomy and Medical Assisting. He has worked in the medical industry for many years and now works for a family business managing a large company.


(2019, eBook)