A Close Big Family

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7308-2
A Close Big Family
by Rachel Ray The author of this book, a very dear friend of mine, lived through this story herself from her birth to the end of this book. This is a true, dramatized story. She has written her story as she experienced it, through good times as well as bad times. She has had a lot of good times, but she has also gone through a lot of bad things and had bad experiences. Her name, Rachel Ray, does not appear in the line of names of persons in this story. She is using another name than Rachel, but believe me, she is there. The message she wants to communicate to you is that in spite of all the evil and bad things to which people and relatives expose you and do to each other, you can make it. Have an open mind, and dont be afraid to tackle the obstacles as they come. You may lose a few of your fights, but you will certainly win a lot as you go. Her story mirrors all aspects of life: Love, hate, marriage, and divorce; wealth and poverty; helpfulness, greed, and selfishness; and lies and humiliation, to mention just a few. This is about a close big family who works together and helps each other with her mother as the pivot point, and later how the close big family gradually dissolves, which is a major part of this story. This is a story about several generations that have gone through hard times during the Great Depression to modern and happy days after World War II and beyond. They helped each other and sometimes took advantage of each other, too. This is also a story about a father who ruthlessly sexually molested his own children daughters and sons. The way Rachel Ray depicts the many situations in her book is remarkably sensitive and accurate and puts everything in the right perspective. (2006, paperback, 214 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.