A Critique of Society

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7968-8
A Critique of Society
by Dr. Harold Schneider, Ph.D. This book presents the authors commentary on some crucial topics in current-day society and his thoughts on how to greatly improve them. These topics include: The Federal and State Tax Systema fairer and affordable tax system,
Illegal immigration and how it should be dealt with,
Death with Dignity, which affects us all,
The legal systemwhat is wrong with it and important improvements,
Organized religion in society what is wrong with it and important improvements,
The UFO phenomenon a few very convincing cases among many and government cover-ups,
More author jokes and the cutest, most adorable little kid, Angel, on the planet and why. (She really is an angel!),
Board game tournaments (BGT) the authors 100-percent belief of why it is so important for all segments of the general public to make a new recreational living using only their minds and update their current status,
Recent newspaper and Science News articles relating to 8,
Final comments and conclusions, and
The authors biography and credentials.
Addendum, Color Checkers the worlds most fantastic board game seeing is believing! ABOUT THE AUTHOR The author received his Ph.D. in physics/mathematics from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, in August 1956 on a partial leave of absence (reimbursed) from the NASA Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, where he was an aeronautical research scientist (19511961). He became associated with the MIT Lincoln Laboratory as a member of the staff from 1962 to 1972, having authored many technical papers/reports, both classified and unclassified. He left the MIT Lincoln Laboratory to become a senior systems analyst with the Dynamics Research Corporation in Wilmington, Massachusetts, where he authored a number of additional original technical papers. He then spent forteen years with the Lockheed Missiles & Space Company (now Lockheed/Martin) publishing many additional original technical papers. Dr. Schneider is also the author of Board Game Tournaments (BGT) for the Fun, Profit, & Professionalism of the Public (Unique!) and Realistically Starting Board Game Tournaments for the Fun, Profit, & Professionalism of the Public. (2008, paperback, 38 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.