A Family and Three Wars

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9419-3
A Family and Three Wars
by Colonel Joseph E. Pizzi, United States Army Infantry (Retired) A Family and Three Wars is a story of the making of modern America. Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression and three wars, it chronicles the son of Italian immigrants and the experiences of one member of the Greatest Generation. These are the memoirs of Colonel Joseph Edward Pizzi, Sr. Through remembrances of his immigrant family and the defining years of combat in Europe, Korea and Vietnam, he tells of his struggles to become a soldier, a husband, a fatherand an American. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Colonel Joseph Edward Pizzi, Sr. was born of Italian immigrants in 1923. His dream of becoming a soldier began in 1937 at age 14 when he hopped a train, passed himself off as 17 and joined the Army. His military career spanned a remarkable 41 years punctuated by the ordeals of combat in the breakthrough of the Gothic Line in Italy during World War II, entrapment in the Pusan perimeter in Korea and service as Chief of Staff for the Second Corps in Vietnam. In between wars Colonel Pizzi found his greatest achievements and joy in teaching and raising a family. (2004, paperback, 184 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.