A Family's Patience and Perseverance

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A Family's Patience and Perseverance

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A Family's Patience and Perseverance
by Charlotte McNeely

Devoted parents who love their children protect their youngest son from comfort measures. They deal with inappropriate actions from RNs and LPNs, looking for justice as advocates and family members do their best. They deal with a stern court system and are made to write a guardianship, but they still stay positive and strong willed through it all.

Thank you to all of those who were involved. Saying thank you is showing appreciation to someone who has done something for you and/or to you. They wont know what you will tell about until its out in the open. We live how we want to be remembered. This is doing the right thing. Its what God wants us to do. We hope you enjoy reading our story.

About the Author

Hello, my name is Charlotte. I was raised in Oregon and graduated in 1991. My family and I moved to Montana in 1997. I worked as a resident manager in assisted living for senior citizens and volunteered in a senior center.

In 2000 I had major hip surgery, which set me back from working full time, therefore, I needed to apply for public and housing assistance.

I have a friendly personality and I am a determined person. If Im not sure of something, I will do everything I can to find the right answer.

A friend suggested I write a book about these events and this is what inspired me to write. It was my idea to get it published. Im hoping to write other stories as well.

I hope my advice will be good for someone who needs a little help in changing their lives.

(2010, hardcover, 84 pages)