A Guide to Change

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A Guide to Change

A Guide to Change

By: Adl El-Shabazz


About the Book

A Guide to Change was created to help author Adl El-Shabazz those around him, and for those in society searching for a change. This "guide to change" will provide the necessary tools needed to help people be productive, independent, and better communicators. It will enhance their ability to socialize, express their concerns, feelings, and fears. A list of emotions and concepts that are addressed within these pages are anger, fear, grief, guilt, self-esteem issues, mental health, abandonment issues, shame, revenge, anxiety, resentment, and how to find understanding within yourself.


About the Author

Adl El-Shabazz, is currently confided at the Minnesota Correctional Facility Oak Park Heights. He has spent over two decades in prison and has witnessed firsthand how unfavorable it is to rehabilitate inmates. In a perfect world, everyone would like for inmates to change but current leaders refuse to make the necessary tools available to acquire this much needed change. This causes inmates to not show or have compassion, concern, or any regards for anyone or anything, including themselves. Countless inmates have gotten out of prison, only to return less than six months later. The question “why is this happening?” is often asked. El-Shabazz decided to find this change for himself, and succeeded. It's not fair that a person’s troubled past has earned them a lifetime ban from becoming respectable, hardworking, and productive members of society.


(2021, Paperback, 50 Pages)


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