A Hundred Secrets: Volume 2

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A Hundred Secrets: Volume 2

A Hundred Secrets: Volume 2

By: William A. Stricklin

About the Book

A Hundred Secrets: Volume 2 is the continuation of an anthology of a hundred books, a compilation of William Stricklin’s short-short stories in which he introduces the hundred secrets that triggered his curiosity, some resolved, others not. How did Jesus behave as a teenager? (“Lost Years of Jesus”) What, in his history, led our President, who torments immigrants, to ape his immigrant mother’s elaborate hairstyle – “a dynamic orange swirl”? (“Hairitage”) Instead of 50/50 property division in a divorce, if you wanted to take everything, what might you do with impunity to get 100%? (“Carole’s Secret – A Perfect Crime”).  

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About the Author

William A. Stricklin is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar who earned his AB with honors at the University of California, Berkley. He continued his education by obtaining a Doctor of Laws JD degree at Harvard Law School and cloak and dagger training at Fort Holabird United States Army Counterintelligence School learning Cold War spy-craft. Active in California, Hawaii and Washington law practice, Stricklin sat ring-side with first-hand, authentic, and personal experiences in federal service. Stricklin’s eighty years of life richly combine to make the tales in this book a very good read.


(2019, paperback, 832 pages)


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