A Jamaican Family’s Saga 2

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A Jamaican Family’s Saga 2

A Jamaican Family’s Saga 2

By: Leonard Archie Wilson

About the Book

A Jamaican Family’s Saga 2 is a continuation and climax of A Jamaican Family’s Saga, the original work by Leonard Archie Wilson, a fictionalized biography of the life of Althea Ulrica Richardson, his actual mother. The matriarch is portrayed by Ulrica Richards, from her birth to her death. The story resurrects a true incident in the life of Althea. In the 1940s in Jamaica, her youngest brother, Real, was either murdered or accidentally devoured by sharks off the coast of the island. In the fictionalized account, one of her sons and his wife pull off a Macmillan and Wife style investigation to almost solve this seventy-two-year-old mystery.


About the Author

This work is the second and final book in this series about a Jamaican family. It is, however, his third book. The second book, Poof, is in print but is not part of the series. Leonard Archie Wilson started writing late in life. Forty-nine years of his life were spent making and repairing jewelry. Thirty-four of those years in Pennsylvania in his own store.


(2019, Paperback, 104 pages)

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