A Jann Plan, Creative Origins Advocacy/Teach Peace and Creative Accountability

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A Jann Plan, Creative Origins Advocacy/Teach Peace and Creative Accountability
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A Jann Plan, Creative Origins Advocacy/Teach Peace and Creative Accountability
by Gregg Jann

A Jann Plan: Creative Origins Advocacy/Teach Peace and Creative Accountability is a collection of essays generally focused on mental health.

Gregg K. Jann uncovers original source points in music, Hollywood, legislation, and the internet. Jann reveals the original naming lark of the disease AIDS. We find the starting linchpin code of the internet was created by the same person as the AIDS acronym. This book attempts to give rightful credit to this innocent designer who has been suppressed since the Reagan era.

This book also includes consumers in Janns unheralded process. His course teaching Peace and Creative Accountability is a suggested ballot initiative we need. There exists a solution to make more authentic our economy and to source perspective designers.

About the Author:

Author Gregg K. Jann loves his historic monument in Northern California where he crafts his blueprints for a made-up Peace Department and Customer Service/Hold Economy. Jann was a reformer of the authoritarian mental health hierarchy system through his designing mental health tax law and worked for a union negotiating consumer labor contract rights. His past decades of long suffering were philosophical lemonade, too fertile in his struggle for saintly living. Now, well, hes interested in women. Jann writes on his website and advocates for his sole proprietorship to provide mental health services and education.

Jann is a survivor of two train wrecks, one a New York City subway runaway. Youthful outdoor adventures turned dangerous during his teenage years. Jann's first book is Bettering the World, a political science and philosophy collection.

(2014, Paperback, 144 pages)

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    A Jann Plan Counters IP Theft with Character ED

    Posted by The Honorable Book Reviewer on Sep 19th 2018

    Author Gregg K. Jann led California's Mental Health Services Act in genesis design, so A Jann Plan appears to be a follow up in school's accountability for students. Jann is a Presenter for a national/local non-profit on mental health de-stigma, and he works or designs taxes, treatment, and tips within A Jann Plan on the level of his sole proprietorship with a health business license Part Time.
    Jann's uses his own bachelor degrees in business admin and economics, to create nude credits in many interesting fields and endeavors existing as stolen from MH consumers and political speechwriters. We in the USA do not recognize top performers generally in our economy who are vulnerable people, which is where de-stigma, advocacy, and teaching come into play. We even shun or ostracize these two.
    We are little people at the beginnings, and origins need to be bolstered to gain strong footing for banking to standing in front of class. The author used heroic stories in his life embedded in the text naturally, and shows his examples of his creations spread over more than one chapter. A Jann Plan uses an interesting angle of "source perspective designer" that Jann is, and that anything approaching de-Pirating Western Economy must be done with peace in mind that the competitive, regimented bully that his Character ED school board teaches to tame vocationally to no harm to production or relations.