A Journey from the Desert

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A Journey from the Desert

A Journey from the Desert

By: Bijay Banthia

About the Book

                A Journey from the Desert is an inspiring and real story about a ten-year-old boy who crossed the massive and dense sand dunes in a vast desert by foot and camel ride in 1930. The weather was painfully hot 120 degrees. He traveled for almost a month in search of a livelihood in a promised land. He faced a lot of hardships traveling through the desert at this tender age.

                Though completely illiterate and uneducated, fifty years later he motivated his son to travel to another promised land half the world away. He sacrificed his whole life for the benefit of others and ignored himself completely.


About the Author

Bijay Banthia is a retired professional engineer in Houston. Though he is a technical person by profession, he has profound love for reading books on different subjects from all around the world. Banthia considers himself extremely blessed to get an opportunity to have come to U.S.A., where he could send his two sons to boarding and Ivy League schools. He is very proud to have his cultural background both from the East and West.


(2018, Paperback, 118 pages)

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