A Knight in Tarnished Armor

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A Knight in Tarnished Armor
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A Knight in Tarnished Armor
by David Oldakowski

This is not just a collection of simple poems, but a collection of memoirs written on the authors path to redemption.

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, David Carl Oldakowski started school when his parents moved to Denver. David was a bright child and very athletic, but he was also a victim of bullying because of his red hair and freckles. As a result of the bullying, David began to exhibit behavioral problems and was suspended on numerous occasions. Social services became involved and David was taken out of his home and placed in an institution at the age of eight.

David became a runaway and, as a ward of the state, he was forced to live in group homes, a foster home, a boys ranch and, lastly, a program called Vision Quest where he traveled across the U.S. on a modern-day wagon-train.

David was emancipated at the age of 16, so he left his family and friends and moved to Hollywood to chase his dreams of showbiz. He found it hard to be cast in any major productions due to his flaming red hair.

David became a National Advocate for the Los Angeles County Mental Health Association and served on the public speaking/lecture circuit. Then, after a stint in the U.S. Navy, David traveled the country for 26 long years.

During his travels, David discovered alcohol and drugs and thus encountered many problems, both legal and social, surrounding his ongoing usage of such. But his whole life changed at 42 when he was sent to prison over a fistfight that lasted for 45 seconds!

David now lives near his parents with whom he maintains frequent contact.

About the Author:Currently, David Carl Oldakowski resides in Chillicothe, Missouri, where he works as an independent contractor for 105.9 The Wave radio station.

(2015, Paperback, 128 pages)