A Labor of Love

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A Labor of Love
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A Labor of Love
by Virginia (Ginger) Petty

This is a story about my mom, Bell who had Alzheimers for over ten years. I kept her in my home for nine years and five months. This story includes some of the trials, heartaches, and joys (yes, joys) of caring for her. My husband, daughter, and I worked through each and every problem and trial that arose, and my family helped in many ways. When my husband and I first took her into our home, she acted normal, but her mind was slowly diminishing. At first she forgot she had children or a husband and also what day it was. My mother was able to walk around unassisted for the first couple of years, but we had to watch her or she would wander off. The last seven years she was in a Geri-chair and hospital bed. Sometimes the days seemed like they would never end. We were so tired.

This is my sad but true story of my journey through my mothers life with Alzheimers.

About the Author

I am from a family of twelve, eight boys and four girls. I was next to the oldest and the oldest girl. We lived on a farm, so there were lots of chores; one of my chores was looking after my siblings while our mother was out working on the farm.

I graduated from high school in 1951, then married my husband, John, later that same year. He died in 2008. We had one child, a daughter named Terry, and only one grandchild, Mary Beth, who died from mysterious circumstances in 2007.

My husband and I belong to a little country Baptist church, where he was a deacon and I helped him with his many duties.

My husband and I kept my mother, Bell, for the last nine years and five months of her life. This by far was the hardest job I ever had, but it was the most rewarding.

(2012, paperback, 56 pages)