A Light Shines from Waco

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A Light Shines from Waco
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A Light Shines From Waco
by Maxwell Carter, Jr.

About the Book:

Life confronts us with different challenges wherein we weigh things and decide where to go. Will you go to the right or to the left, forward or backward, right or wrong? In other words, God gave us free will. Its up to us how we use it.

Max Carter Jr. narrated how he had chosen and found God again after years of growing up in confusion, trying to find love in places where chaos reignat home or at war in a foreign land. The battle with his own weaknessesthe things that ruined his personal life and his relationship with Godhad been an uphill climb for many years. But in the end, he won for God.

About the Author:

Maxwell Carter Jr. is a retired US Army and member of the American Legion DAV. Ten years ago, an elderly woman in a VA shuttle bus, who heard him conversing with some friends, suggested he should be a writer or a politician. He chose to be a writer and published his first book.

(2012, paperback, 48 pages)