A Little Girl's Quest for Love

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A Little Girl's Quest for Love

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A Little Girls Quest for Love
by Sharon Miller

My story is one of amazing triumph, and I have been called by God to share this victory with others. This world is full of people who silently suffer from a broken spirit, brought on by things they suffered in the past. They move through life in a cloud of darkness, feeling helpless and alone. My God-given talent is to let them know there is a love much greater than all that darkness, an unfailing love that will take away all that burdens them. In its place will rise up a new peaceful life filled with Gods undying love.

About the Author

Sharon lives on a small farm outside of Quaker City, Ohio, with her husband, Tim, and their dog, Jack. They have two grown children, who have made the family complete by blessing them with several grandchildren, which they feel is one of Gods greatest gifts and their pride and joy.

Sharon is an accomplished poet, singer, songwriter, and artist. She won Outstanding Poet of the Year for her poem Little Rose Dying. She loves traveling around, spreading the good news through word and song, and she feels it is an honor to serve God.

Sharon is a certified layspeaker for the United Methodist Church, a youth group leader, a youth coordinator, and she enjoys singing with the praise team at her home church. She has made many new friends as she traveled across the countryside and looks forward to those she will meet in the future.

(2010, paperback, 38 pages)