A Magical Doll and the Doll Magical School

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A Magical Doll and the Doll Magical School

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A Magical Doll and the Doll Magical School
by Berhan Nega Alemayehu

The idea of this story came to me a few weeks after my father went to the United States of America. I missed him a lot. There was one doll he bought for me from South Africa. The doll has everything the magical doll has. I wished she could be true because if she was, I could go and visit my father. Then the idea shot me in the head. So I started writing. The book shows how Tracy, Grace and their magical doll, Maria, discover the magical side to their world.

The three friends defeated monsters in the Forbidden Basement, which was the greatest challenge that students in the Magical School face, even though the Basement promises death to those who enter. The story shows the hard working friends and their good results at the end of the academic year. I think there are lots of things to learn from this book, most importantly courage to do the unthinkable. Other than The Magical Doll, I also have several unpublished stories.

About the Author

Berhan Nega Alemayehu is an eleven-year-old sixth-grade student. She was born in 1997 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She came to the United States when she was three and stayed in the States until she was six and a half years old. She went to the First Baptist Church and the East Silver Spring Elementary School for her KG and first grade classes in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Berhan loves reading books and writing stories. She dreams to help the less fortunate and believes success is a birthright. If someone tries hard, she/he can be successful. You just have to be patient with the person and never lose hope, she says. She has demonstrated that herself by becoming an author at a very young age.

Berhan aspires to be a medical doctor as well as a writer. She currently lives in Ethiopia and misses her friends and teachers in the U.S.

(2009, paperback, 60 pages)