A Mermaid's Journal

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A Mermaid's Journal
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A Mermaids Journal
by Melissa G. Goodmon

This is my story. You can choose to believe it to be true or you can believe it to be just another really big fish tale. Read it and decide for yourself.

I am a mermaid! A real, live mermaid! You heard me right. I am a real, honest to goodness mermaid, a human that has a fish tail. Well, some of the time. I guess most wont believe my story and will be skeptical that any of it is true at all, but I know my best friend in the whole world (and I mean that literally) believes my story to be completely and genuinely true. She, in fact, is the one who had the idea that I should put it all down on paper for you to read, changing the names and places to protect the innocent, of course.

Mer-people are real! So, I will just get right to telling my story. It was a warm and sunny spring morning

(2017, Paperback, 142 pages)