A Mother's Heart

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A Mother's Heart
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A Mother's Heart
by Kalifa Obioma Zenzelle

Ann and Junior Bradwaith have been married over thirty years and have finally earned the right to retire. They begin to travel, enjoy their grandchildren, and enjoy their time together. The struggles of marriage, work, raising children, and now helping to raise their grandchildren was, and is, not without trials and errors.

Ann learned that life's experiences as a woman, wife, and mother, are all tied together and that God must have made the heart somewhat bigger in women than in men.

Any woman can relate to characters in this book, because trouble has no particular color or race. A mother who knows how to face life's ups and downs, surely is an asset to her own children, as well as to others. Come along with the strong women in this novel, and see who best you identify with. A Mother's Heart is definitely a journey to take with Ann and her many friends.

About the Author

I was born in Henderson North Carolina, August 17th, 1943, to the late Emma Satterwhite and the late John Edward Jones. I grew up within a Christian family. There is a strong matriarchal system that has always existed in my family: strong women who stood for God, strong family values, and sacrificed much to see that education was a priority. I saw firsthand the struggles and sacrifices my mother, grandmothers, aunts and great-aunts suffered that we, the young, should have a better life.

I graduated high school, college, and Mortuary School, I married, raised two beautiful gifts from God, Lisa, and Keith, and now live with my husband, Harry Lewis, enjoying our grandchildren, and each other. I was ordained an Elder in 2004, under the Presbytery of New York, and ordained a Chaplain from Fordham University in 2006. Presently I attend Union Theological Seminary in New York.

I received my African Name, Kalifa Obioma Zenzelle, in 2010.

(2012, paperback, 110 pages)