A Much Closer Look at the King James Holy Bible

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A Much Closer Look at the King James Holy Bible

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A Much Closer Look at the King James Holy Bible
by Professor Roy Yonce

I am a nine-time reader of the Authorized King James Bible from cover to cover and have completely studied all of its contents. You can decide for yourself as I take you by the hand and disclose over a hundred verses from within the KJ Bible as we disclose many discrepancies together. It looks like all the evidence is gathered from one book, and it has mans biases of war, killing, rudeness, meanness, and extremely quick, hot-burning anger, tempered with no value in regards to human life. It just cant be any divine, great wisdom-giving book from any God of mine.

If you carefully look with me at the many hundreds of pages in the KJ Bible, one can see many contradictions, mistakes, and errors that no real God would have permitted. It looks like someone before in biblical times tried to sway the world into believing in a supreme God who takes care of man, but modern science has slowly proved otherwise.

I warn you, before reading further, I have laid the chips to fall where they do roll. You will see flat-out contradictions that no real God would have ever made if he wrote the KJ Bible. The king, at a certain time, destroyed many thousands of pieces of religious works of art. He wanted to control all the biblical knowledge to future human generations.


(2010, hardcover, 216 pages)