A Mulligan Stew

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A Mulligan Stew
by J. Drexel Baier A Mulligan Stew is a story loosely based on the life of author J. Drexel Baiers grandfather. He escaped Germany at age fourteen and stowed away on a freighter traveling to the United States. He arrived in this country with neither a destination nor knowledge of the language. He went from being a busboy in a caf in Philadelphia to being a chuck wagon cook on cattle drives in Montana to being a ranch owner. This is the story of a mans struggle with a hostile land, his family, and his gentle nature. Follow him from youth to manhood in early Montana. ABOUT THE AUTHOR J. Drexel Baier is a retired homemaker and mother, who lives with her husband and Dalmatian dog in rural southeastern Montana, where they retired in 2002. Both pairs of her grandparents were homesteaders in this area. Baier was born and raised here but left as a teenager with her parents. She has lived and traveled over most of the United States and some of Europe with her husband who is retired military. They have four daughters. (2006, paperback, 220 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.