A New Shade of Blue

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9898-6
A New Shade of Blue

by Sabrina D. Gaines A New Shade of Blue is a book of poetry based on occurrences and phases that inspired the author throughout her life experiences. The stories explain the differences and changes in blue as she creates a new shade that forms from an emotion. There are many shades of blue. The blues of this book have different shades of feeling rather than color. These shades allow you to feel and be felt, to understand what some people cant speak. For the author, this book expresses the joys and pains she endured, through which she is proud to say she is blue. A New Shade of Blue explains inspirations that were well-kept. The author wrote about the experiences that touched her life: youll hear about anything that moved her. She encourages everyone to get published and pass the knowledge because there is A New Shade of Blue in each one of us. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sabrina has been put to the test. She has experienced it all, and she is proud of it. Everything that happened in her life stood for something, and she made a home for it. She doesnt regret anything she has done because each experience has helped shape her into the person she is today. All of the poems in this collection are actual situations. Sabrina expresses her feelings in writing to deal with them. When she felt betrayed, she thought. When she was hurt, she would never restrain herself from a pen and paper; so she wrote about it. My life has given me the knowledge to practice with love on my journey through The Blue. I thank all those to whom I have come in contact, as they have allowed me to realize who I am today. I wouldnt trade my past for the world. (2005, paperback, 74 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.