A Path by Light - eBook

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A Path by Light - eBook

A Path by Light

By: Alfred J. Harradine

About the Book

Author Alfred J. Harradine felt the Lord calling him to write this novel, A Path by Light, yet he had no idea what it would be about until he started writing. After a while, he kept thinking about The Lord’s Prayer, the one He taught us and gave to us, or, as some call it, The Our Father; to summarize Matthew 6:10… “Your Kingdom Come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” As he wrote and prayed about this new novel, A Path by Light, it became very clear to Harradine that Jesus, in teaching us how to pray, tried to let us know we do not have to die before we can live and experience the Heavenly Kingdom. He calls us to live that Kingdom now on earth as it will be in heaven. If He is teaching us to pray about doing it, surely He will also teach how to live that life.

Harradine prays readers will enjoy the Fr. Charlie Clancy series and hopes this book will be a guide to how others are learning to experience the Lord’s promise that He will give us the graces to live the “Thy Kingdom Come” now, as it will be in heaven.

This story could be your own story. Harradine hopes you find A Path by Light quite a ride in the spiritual groove. If you like it there could be more stories. Harradine will leave it up to each of you to discern if all the stories were true or all fiction. Is it either/or?


About the Author

Alfred J. Harradine was born in 1940 in a river town in upstate New York to parents more than forty years old, with World War II on the horizon. At the age of seventy-six, Harradine wrote his life story under the title of Walk in the Light. It is about how he fell in love with life, which allowed him to be open to what the Lord had in store for him so he could dream beyond his own limitations and safely venture into the unknown, knowing God would be there to guide him and direct him to His will in miraculous ways.

Harradine’s second book titled The Saint Within Us is about how ordinary people called by God lived extraordinary lives, and that everyone is called to be children of God with truth as their guide, love as their nourishment, and peace as their rest.


(2018, eBook)