A Path by Light: Part 4

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A Path by Light: Part 4

A Path by Light: Part 4

By: Alfred Harradine

About the Book

About the Author Alfred J. Harradine was born in 1940 in a river town in upstate New York to 40+ year old parents with World War II on the horizon. After his first two books at the age of 76, Walk in the Light and The Saint Within Us he felt the Lord calling him to write his first novel A Path by Light, a Fr. Charlie Clancy series, yet he had no idea what it would be until he started. He did not even know the title until his hands hit the computer keys.             


About the Author

This is now the fourth novel in the continuing Fr. Charlie Clancy series. In this fourth book, the people of St. Paul’s community continue to develop and live a life centered on God and His promises guided by His Truth made flesh in the Gospel messages. They are learning how to give life to others as God reveals His true purposes to the community. He continues to aluminate their path forward with expectant Faith as His Truth gives Mercy and Justice for His people.

They continue to develop a broader understanding of each other’s gifts, strengths, concerns, fears, weakness, their unique purpose in God’s Kingdom on earth. Now they can experience more fully what God has in store for those who love Him, who are called according to His plan by His graces to experience His marvelous love in action as they live the Thy Kingdom Now as it is in Heaven.

Harradine prays you truly enjoy the ride. Hang on tight!


(2019, Paperback, 212 pages)

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