A Place in the Choir

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8792-8
A Place in the Choir
by Sherry Barber Hatfield This book chronicles my life from early childhood to middle age. I began writing it in the late summer of 2005, not as a work for publication, but simply for the fun of putting memories in a tangible format. Soon, however, I began to wonder whether others might find the book entertaining. The title, A Place in the Choir, comes from a childrens song we used in Vacation Bible School many years ago. The song describes the various kinds of sound made by Gods creatures. My use of this title, however, is intended to convey the idea that there is a place for each of us in Gods world. I believe that finding a particular place, giving voice to whatever in life our calling might be, is what provides the melody, harmony, and rhythm needed for a life of contentment and joy. ABOUT THE AUTHOR When I was less than a year old, my parents discovered that I was blind. The consensus was that my blindness was due to a lack of oxygen during birth. When I was seven, I was enrolled in the state school for the blind in Staunton Virginia. In addition to learning Braille, I was introduced to the wonderful world of music. My induction into junior chorus marked the beginning of a lifelong passion for choral singing. My fathers line of work as a sales consultant took our family to live in the Carolinas for a number of years. I graduated from high school at the State School for the Blind in South Carolina. There I was further encouraged to pursue the study of vocal music. I entered a small Liberal Arts college, studying voice there for a year, returning in my sophomore year to my native Virginia, where I graduated from Old Dominion College (later to become Old Dominion University). My husband, Louis, is now retired from ODU, where he taught mathematics for many years. We live in Virginia Beach. We have one daughter and one grandson. Fortunately, they live close by and visit often. I still enjoy singing, especially in my beloved church choir, Kings Grant Presbyterian Church, and in the Virginia Beach Chorale, a local civic chorus of approximately eighty voices. (2007, paperback, 182 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.