A Place in Time: The Amber Necklace

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A Place in Time: The Amber Necklace

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A Place in Time: The Amber Necklace
by Debra Joy Finley

When fourteen-year-old Amy moves from her suburban Chicago home to rural Raymondville, Missouri, everything seems strange to her. But then things get even stranger.

The Amber Necklace takes place across time, blending events from the past into the present. It is the first story in the A Place in Time series. The second story, A Silver Sword, will be published soon.

About the Author

Debra Joy Finley teaches high school English in rural southeast Missouri. Before she began her career as a teacher, Finley, along with her husband and daughter, owned and operated a 120-cow dairy farm in Coopersville, Michigan. Finley currently lives between two state parks in a town with one traffic light, where deer season qualifies as a school holiday. She enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time with her family.

(2009, paperback, 80 pages)