A Poem In Time; A Story Behind

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A Poem In Time; A Story Behind

A Poem In Time; A Story Behind

By: Daisy Lopoz


About the Book

A Poem in Time; A Story Behind is a collection of poems inspired by events, people, and scenery. For every poem there is a story; a story that completes the picture.


About the Author

Daisy Lopoz is a retired engineer and business owner. In between her careers, she has been a mentor and college professor. As a person full of enthusiasm and love for life, Lopoz has inspired students and friends over the years. She is a loyal friend and devout Christian.

Lopoz has written three books to date: Glass Ceiling; Swinging Doors, 2 Women Loved, and A Soul Answered. Take a journey through her inspiring narratives and find even yourself in her completed picture.


(2020, Paperback, 100 Pages)


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