A Rabbit Named Happy Feet

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A Rabbit Named Happy Feet
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A Rabbit Named Happy Feet
by Kathy Jo Smith

A Rabbit Named Happy Feet was inspired by another story. I wanted to write a childrens story to make the Bible come alive to them. God is no respecter of persons, and he can use children as well as grownups for his purpose. God has a sense of humor. He has made each and every one of us for his purpose, like the song that says, He is the potter and I am the clay.

Each of us must find our own unique purpose in life. I want to share the gospel story with as many as I can in such a way that a child can understand it. Ive gone to church just about all my life, and I am glad to be a part of the family of God.

About the Author

Author Kathy Jo Smith had five children and has eight grandchildren. She lives in northern Louisiana. She loves to read to her children and grandchildren. She has worked as a licensed practical nurse for twenty years, and she loves to read Gods word, the Holy Bible, and make it come to life for children.

Her hobbies include sewing, crocheting, gardening, and writing poetry. Her grandmother taught her how to sew while she was in high school.

Kathy Jo has had several poems published with a goal to publish many more.

(2012, hardcover, 30 pages)