A Reflective Quest

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A Reflective Quest

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A Reflective Quest
by Yezad Neville Mistry

In this book, the author comments on a few virtues and questions, generally over which our inquisitive and restless minds ponder over. The key to appreciating the opinions expressed which appear elaborate, yet may not be all-inclusive, is to digest and attempt to absorb each line at a time. The central character, Quest is a reflection of the author as a young boy who along with pursuing his education also wishes to learn something beyond academics. He does learn more on his way back home, where he sets on an altogether different journey meeting different people from different walks and phases of life.

About the Author

The 24 year old author of this book, who although holds a Masters with a decent grade, is grateful to academics for reinforcing his belief that, one with all the education can be as illiterate without an idea of the universe he stays in. The author likes to think in leisure, which he is usually in, and pen down the thoughts that cross his mind. All this while, he has refrained from reading, as he strongly believes that reinventing the wheel can only better it. He feels that it is better to have a good sword rather than chunks of armour that restrict movement.

(2010, casebound, 212 pages)