A Returning Soldier, Now What?

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A Returning Soldier, Now What?

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A Returning Soldier, Now What?
by D'Andrea Champion

A sailor-soldier returns home to the States from Vietnam. He is rewarded with honor for his excellent service. His duty title was being part of a special breed, the Underwater Demolition Team, now known as the first of the Navy Seals.

After the war, this fictional character, Ronald Charles Winnington II, comes home to a changed country. Hes changed also. Ron is plagued with post-traumatic stress disorder, causing visions and nightmares, while trying to cope in this era.

He drifts through life with a teenage mind, trying to be responsible to grow into manhood. The book takes you through Rons life from eighteen years old to approximately thirty-seven years old.

The author wrote this book in order to educate the country in hopes not to repeat history, always honor all our military personnel, and be more patient with those who serve.

(2011, paperback, 94 pages)