A Second Chance

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A Second Chance

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A Second Chance
by Sue Meka

At the tender age of seven, Katies parents divorce, both executives, and both have no time for her. They take her to her grandparents to live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, a world away from the city of Chicago.

Katie thrives and grows in this environment. She meets a boy named Nick and over the years, their relationship turns into love and they plan on spending their future together.

In Katies senior year of high school, her best friend, Rhonda, tells her she is pregnant and the father is Nick. He doesnt deny it. Katie leaves after graduation and doesnt look back. She goes to college, obtains an MBA, and becomes an executive. She has the best of everything and financially is very well off. She never marries, as Nick still possesses her heart and her soul.

Katies grandmother dies tragically fifteen years later, and she heads home to make her funeral arrangements. She finds out that Addie, her grandmother, had made changes in her will. She leaves her estate to both Katie and Nick, only if she agrees to the terms, and the terms include Nick and his son, Sam. If she refuses, she will lose her inheritance and the only home she has ever known.

Katie has emotions of betrayal and bitterness, but also a sexual desire that is buried deep inside her for this man. She has two days to decide or give up the only home she has ever had and the memories of her beloved grandmother. How could Addie betray her and force her to make a decision that will affect the rest of her life?

About the Author

Sue Meka is a native of Wisconsin. She resides in Milwaukee and Eagle River, Wisconsin. She has been married to her husband for twenty-three years, and they have one adult son. Sue has been an avid reader of romance and mystery novels for many years. It wasnt until she and her husband bought their home in Eagle River that she toyed with the idea about writing a book.

The inspiration of A Second Chance came from the beauty and pristine of Northern Wisconsin, along with the protective sense of community Eagle River presents. As a first-time author, she was amazed how easily the story developed in her mind and visualized itself on paper. She hopes readers will enjoy the story as it unfolds as much as she had having it enfold in her mind.

(2010, paperback, 158 pages)