A Second Look at Christianity...Its Calendar, Holiday, Customs: Have Our Fathers Lied to Us?

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9625-8
A Second Look at Christianity...Its Calendar, Holiday, Customs: Have Our Fathers Lied to Us?
by Dr. Catherine Oakes Sinclair As Christians, have we been lied to? In A Second Look at ChristianityIts Calendar, Holidays, Customs: Have Our Fathers Lied to Us? the reader is encouraged to closely examine ideas that many take for granted. Not only will you be surprised at what you discover, but you will also be awed by the Living Truth through an unusual, unsettling experience. A Second Look at Christianity is your tool to dig through the muddle of untruth so prevalent today and to unearth the real treasures of His Word. What you will find is more priceless than gold trinkets found by archeologists sifting through the sands of time. Happy digging. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Catherine Oakes Sinclair, Ph.D., earned her bachelors from Trenton State College, her masters from Oxford Graduate School, and her doctorate from the North Carolina University of Theology. She is founder of The House of New Beginnings, a home for unwed pregnant teenagers, and a founding member of Crossroads Christian Academy. An educator, Dr. Sinclair considers her greatest education to have come in the wilderness. Leaving all worldly possessions behind, she and her husband carved a home out of the woods, living without electricity, running water, or flush toilet. Together they worked from daylight to dark, energized by the fresh mountain air and clean spring water. There in the wilderness, with no worldly distractions, she read and studied His WORD. There TRUTH was revealed by His Word alone through the power of the Holy Spirit and found to be so different from what she had learned from the philosophy of men. (2005, paperback, 234 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.