A Smoldering Fire

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A Smoldering Fire

A Smoldering Fire

Roman Gary’s Memoir

By: Jane Bonnard

About the Book

Is there a delightful viewpoint for our cherished memories? Our heart, by all means… It is not Romain Gary, who would have disagreed; his famous “La vie devant soi” ends with “Il faut aimer,” precious moral testament.

                In the pages of this book the author opens a tiny jewelry box, hidden so far in her chest; in the interior there is ‘her’ Romain, with whom she crossed paths in Sofia 1947, whose meaningful glance and sensibility have never ceased to stir up emotions in her and offer her tender support.

                Our existences encompass certain encounters, fortuitous or not, they color our lives differently, inviting us to enhance our part of humanity.

That is what this modest work is all about.


(2019, Paperback, 42 pages)

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