A Snail Tale (HB)

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A Snail Tale (HB)

A Snail Tale (HB)

By: Karen A. Bennett

About the Book

A Snail Tale is a very remarkable, entertaining, and true story.

On beautiful spring evening, the narrator of this children’s book notices a line of snails coming to her house in order to escape her neighbor’s poison snail bait. The next day, when she goes out to paint her fence white, there is a mother snail and her babies on the back porch. The narrator picks up a baby snail and brings it into her home and puts it into a jar of greenery. The narrator has a big surprise for the readers. This is a fun book and will appeal to children who enjoy books about animals. It is also delightfully educational, too.


About the Author

Karen A. Bennett is a Californian and born entertainer who was on stage at four years old doing dancing, ballet, and acrobats. She also was a professional drummer and percussionist in her teens. She has been seen on many stage shows, tours, and studio work throughout her life, including modeling. She is also a professional artist, and a published poet. She is a mother of two and a proud grandmother of four; they all have always loved her many fun, exciting stories.

To date Bennett lives in the Yosemite, California, area with her 90 year old father. She is still working as a certified nursing home health assistant and is still entertaining, teaching music, making and selling her art and loves writing.


(2018, Hardcover, 30 pages)

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