A Soul Answered

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A Soul Answered

A Soul Answered

By: Daisy Lopoz

About the Book

A Soul Answered is a book of five episodes; five real experiences where an answer to the question “Were You There?” was received in a unique manner. The author wishes that people will keenly open their eyes, ears, and heart to get the answers to their own question. When they do, the author urges them to share that unique experience.

                Were you there? Listen and a soul may answer you. Or, for those who have faith, is it God Who answered?


About the Author

Daisy Lopoz is a retired engineer and business owner. In between her careers she has been a mentor and a professor in college. As a person full of enthusiasm and love for life, she has inspired students and friends over the years. Her first book, Glass Ceiling Swinging Doors, written in 2015 is a peek at her inspiring way of living. Her second book, 2 Women: Loved, shows another part of her life; a woman with determination to pursue goals in spite of life’s hurdles. Pursuing goals with other people and helping them achieve their own is the best contribution she can give. She is a loyal friend and a devout Christian.


(2018, Paperback, 82 pages)

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