A Sulky Easter Bunny

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A Sulky Easter Bunny
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A Sulky Easter Bunny
by Eileen M. Setton

A Sulky Easter Bunny is a childrens story; a tale of the Easter Bunny who is recovering from a bad winter cold, but who has become a bit lazy and spoiled under the care of his sister, Zephyr Bunny. He is using his sickness to avoid working for the Easter celebration, bringing Easter baskets to the boys and girls in town. Easter Bunny wants to cancel Easter this year.

The forest animals are shocked, but decide to work together to prepare the eggs and the baskets. They hope that if they do all of the work except the delivery, Easter Bunny will change his mind. Zephyr Bunny may have to scold him.

The work done, the animals are awakened at midnight to a heavy snowstorm! Only Easter Bunny is happy about this- the perfect excuse for canceling Easter! But again, the animals rally and figure out a way to get Easter Bunny on a sled so that the baskets can be delivered.

The story ends happily when the animals are rewarded for all of their work and determination, and Eastern Bunny realizes how foolish and selfish he has been.

About the Author

The author got caught up in this story when her young son asked about the Easter Bunny on a snowy Easter Sunday in Manhattan.

The author now lives in Florida, where the Easter Bunny does not worry about snow, where he can use his kayak to deliver the Easter baskets.

(2013, paperback, 30 pages)