A Tale of Two Kingdoms

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A Tale of Two Kingdoms
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A Tale of Two Kingdoms
by Mira Heares

A Tale of Two Kingdoms is a fairytale intended for sophisticated younger audiences. The story is set at the ambiguous time of English history when many legends of wizards were born, perpetuated only by the word of mouth until these were recorded as a colorful testimony to English trends and traditions.

The main hero of this book is not our usual Prince Charming but Merlin, who dedicates his last years of life to create a perfect government for two unsuspecting countries without compromising their autonomy. This results in a thousand years of peace and prosperity for the two kingdoms, until uprising against him influences the events in the new direction. Merlin successfully channels the odds against him in their favor, bringing us to a satisfying and happy finale.

About the Author

I was born in Europe, in the Croatian town of Osijek (Essek), where I spent most of my youth. Unfortunately, my parents divorced before I was four; therefore, I never experienced joys of growing up in a complete family. We lived with our mother, who had to work to provide for our needs and was therefore limited in how much time she could spend with us.

As children, we had to learn how to survive without the comfort of having a mother nearby when a grazed knee, for example, needed attention. Nevertheless, our mother was a tigress who loved us and ran a tight ship on the homefront. My childhood memories therefore abound in vivid images of my sister and me occupying our spare time by doing homework, doing household chores, and strangely enough, still finding time to play with friends. These memories are a good source of inspirations for me today when I am writing.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)