A Text 4 U

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A Text 4 U

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A Text 4 U
by Mary Horsley

Ive called this book A Text 4 U with the explanation that it is a manageable, bible-based, daily Lent course for busy people because thats just what it is. I wanted to write a pocketbook for Lent, for busy people such as myself who are aware of the spiritual side of their nature but dont do much about it. A Text 4 U uses short extracts from Johns Gospel as pegs on which to hang a thought for each day. It is not an academic book, although it is the product of many years of studying, teaching, and preaching the Christian message. It is more an attempt to put deep theological truths into accessible language and give readers a thought to take with them through each day of Lent. It is bite-sized religion for today.

About the Author

About me well, Ive been a teacher of history and religious studies in secondary schools for thirty years and while doing that, I tried to liven up assemblies by putting religion over in a user-friendly package to (mostly) recalcitrant teenagers. Ive also been a priests wife for forty-three years and a preacher in the Church of England for a large chunk of that time. Ive written numerous work schemes for my students, plays, and pantomimes for them and for church groups, always with the intention of knocking the stuffiness out of organized religion, yet retaining its majesty, its truth, and the value of the Gospels message in daily lives.

Although the ideas developed in this booklet are my own and any mistakes in the final copy are my responsibility, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my husband, Dr. Alan Horsley, for his advice on matters of theology, and to my younger daughter, Dr. Jessica Horsley, for her academic common sense and her skills as a proofreader. I must thank both of these members of my family for their help and encouragement in bringing A Text 4 U to the point of publication.

(2010, paperback, 50 pages)