A Time for Angels

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A Time for Angels

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A Time for Angels
by Aggie Lukas

A Time for Angels provides the reader with an uplifting experience, related to many spiritual accounts that are witnessed by others and documented by the author, Aggie Lukas. Aggie has been working as a counselor and therapist for over twenty-five years, and she enjoys helping people. She wants others to know that angels exist and they are here to help us. She feels the angels have encouraged her to share this message and the time is right for all of us to come together in a positive way to discuss what is possible.

A Time for Angels includes several stories related to spiritual encounters in two of the castles of Scotland, where she was contacted by well-known spirits.

About the Author

"Aggie Lukas is one of the early, and still all too rare,visionary people, who is presently incarnating on earth. She has been granted the gift of vision of the other higher realms surrounding us. She uses this gift to assist us all to see and to feel, in order to come to the effulgent light of the Self, the "God Consciousness", that is in us all. Her book is full of examples of Angelic beings, both practical and metaphysical, bringing assistance to us. This book, "A Time For Angels," will richly reward a seeker of this all too rarely expressed or seen, and rarely understood, other dimensional REALITY. The assistance from this other dimension is omni present, growing in power and effect. It is there for us all to use and enjoy in our short sojourn on this earthly plain."

-Col. William D. Leed III, U.S.Army Ret.

(2010, paperback, 136 pages)