A Woman's Place in Christ

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A Woman's Place in Christ

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A Woman's Place in Christ
by Jataun Pye

A Womans Place in Christ discusses the role of women, as God prescribes it, through the voice of one of his daughters. Written with the sentiments of women in mind, this book esteems to show that struggles are a test of faith, endurance and obedience to Christ. Making evident that a test can become a testimony that our circumstances and shortcomings may in fact lead us right into our inheritance. Here the author distinguishes a womans place, as a place of holiness, opposed to a woman in her place. Refuting half-truths that have been passed off as the gospel, we see that God gives authority, grace, and power that can only be received in a Womans Place.

Someone once said there is a fighter and a fight in all of us. One of the questions posed in this book asks What is it that you are willing to fight for? God definitely has an assignment for women. Read to find out what battles are already won and learn how to prepare yourself for infantry.

Everyone experiences setbacks. But it is how you bounce back once youre down that really counts. The authors personal stories show that sometimes taking two steps back can result in a miraculous lunge ahead.

About the Author

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Jataun Pye found herself writing at an early age. She grew up finding refuge through writing poems, essays, and skits, which were the result of ambitious teachers and a relentless imagination. At the age of fifteen, Pye was reciting work before Gwendolyn Brooks at the University of Chicago after winning the Young Poet Laureate Award. After high school, she received scholarships to attend college for journalism.

Currently, Pye teaches English and composition, and on occasion freelances. Possessing a B.A. in journalism from Western Illinois University (1996) and a Masters degree from Governors State University (2009), Pye resides in the South suburbs of Chicago.

(2011, paperback, 146 pages)