A World Apart

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A World Apart
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A World Apart

by Richard Raridan

Jonathan Morley meets Natalie Van Meter soon after moving into the house next door. A classical music enthusiast, he is enthralled hearing piano playing from her house. He learns she is studying to become a concert pianist. Due to their mutual interest in classical music, they develop a close relationship during the remainder of the summer and their senior year of high school.

During their Senior Prom they profess their deep love for one another and Natalie admits this is the happiest night of her life. Then her expression suddenly turns somber and she tearfully informs Jonathan that she will soon be leaving St. Louis to continue her musical studies abroad in Vienna, Austria. They are both heartbroken, but Jonathan vows he will wait for her, no matter how long she is away. Neither is aware of how long that might be and what other heartaches await them. However all is not lost, for in the end, their love does prevail.