A World of Wisdom

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A World of Wisdom
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A World of Wisdom
by Shannon Joe Hegdal

The author has seen the best, and the worst, of human behavior and nature. He has come to the conclusion that a great many of us do not hear the voice of our own human consciousness. And an even greater few seem to listen.

Our lives can be greatly enhanced by this knowledge. We always know how to live our lives in such a way that will, as Friedrich Nietzsche said, heighten the feeling of life energy. This energy makes us happy and gives us the will to make all aspects of our lives fuller, more beautiful, and more enjoyable. Life energy also enhances the ability to love, and be loved. This book gives an insight into the human consciousness, especially the knowledge that we ourselves are sometimes unaware of. Our crystal ball, if you will. The sight that shows us who we are, who we need to be, what we need to do, why we need to do it, and how it needs to be done. These things that we see are only a flash, like a small epiphany, and are often overlooked, unnoticed, and soon forgotten. In order to benefit from such insights one must remember, and affirm, what they have seen only for a moment, and with no lingering effects such as sense of purpose or meaning.

This book contains the power of wisdom and knowledge of what Nietzsche calls the real world.

(2014, Paperback, 32 pages)