Abba, Allah, Ama, God The Father

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Abba, Allah, Ama, God The Father
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Abba, Allah, Ama, God The Father

by Anna Kelly

The catchy title is everyones word for God or the Father or the Creator. Abba, Jesus Christ called Father, Allah, Mohammed (used in Islam), Ama, Sidhartha (used in Shinto), and Ama is God in Equadorian. The meaning was falling into place; light became stronger than darkness. Author Anna Marie Kelly could see that people were friendlier, and that while there were clear differences in people, there was also similarity. God is the same. Gamma was light, Rama meant God in Hinduism. The author could see patterns; God had created structure long before she ever was.

The book Abba, Allah, Ama, God The Father is broken down into four sections: I Found a Silence, A Spirit Broken, The Eternal Now, and God is a Word. The poems travel through most of the authors adult life, and she finds that life is still moving forward into a silence and darkness that she is not prepared for. A silence of science and languages she cannot understand. Her memory is leaving with its memory, yet it is leaving the memories of Anna.