Abound: How to be Effective & Fruitful in Ministry

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Abound: How to be Effective & Fruitful in Ministry
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Abound: How to be Effective & Fruitful in Ministry
by Carolyn Boyce

Are you burnt out and stressed over your ministry assignment? Do you wish to quit and walk away? Or are you concerned about the level or quality of your current ministry involvement? Then Abound is a book relevant to your need.

Abound offers a fresh, biblically sound perspective on Christian ministry. As a diagnostic tool, Abound re-examines Christian ministry and how it is currently administered, suggesting biblical solutions for addressing common problems. The book also presents a frank overview of the challenges one might expect to encounter in Christian ministry and is therefore an excellent teaching aid for the training of future lay ministers. By unlocking the biblical principles for long-term fruitfulness and effectiveness, the books content can curb disillusionment experienced by some Christian workers while promoting greater enjoyment of ministry assignments.

The book addresses three main areas:
What makes for ineffective ministry
Which factors contribute to effective ministry
How to abound or increase in ministry

The principles taught in this book are guaranteed to rapidly increase the impact of full-time ministry workers and their ministry assignments.

About the Author

Carolyn Boyce is a graduate of the University of Westminster. She is currently serving in a voluntary, full-time, community-based Christian ministry. She has served in various ministry capacities across communities in several countries.

(2012, hardcover, 140 pages)